BoardGameGeek is an online forum of board gaming resource and community. The site is a board game database that holds reviews, ratings, translations, images and videos for over 81,000 different tabletop games (as of January 2016), which are updated on a real-time basis by its large and still growing user base. Each game has its own entry which gives information about a game, user ratings, forums for discussion and more.

BoardGameGeek was founded in January 2000 by Scott Alden and Derk Solko. The site also hosts annual board game convention and award the best new board game of the year with the Golden Geek Award through voting. In 2010, BoardGameGeek received the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming and was recognized as a resource without peer for board and card gamers.

Registration is free and the website only requires an account for adding a new game, editting existing ones or using the forums. Users don't have to log in to browse the site for information. 

1. Create an account

You need to be over 13 and have an email address to sign up for BoardGameGeek.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Register in the top left, next to BoardGameGeek's logo and below the Sign in button.
  3. Create your username and password, provide your email address.
  4. Next, provide your full name and location (your location maybe useful in case others want to trade games with you, otherwise you can leave it blank)
  5. Enter your Date of Birth.
  6. Check I have read and agree to the Terms of service.
  7. Check I'm not a robot.
  8. Select Submit to finish your registration.

You need to verify your email address. Go to your email inbox and find the email sent by BoardGameGeek for further information. Enjoy your stay on BoardGameGeek.

2. Sign in

  1. Go to
  2. The sign-in section is in the top left of the page, next to BoardGameGeek's logo.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Click Sign in.

3. Feature

A. Wiki

BoardGameGeek is the largest and most up-to-date place to get board gaming information! It is a user-generated encyclopedia for table top games. On BoardGameGeek, you will find many kind of games, including those you may have never seen in a store. The site covers not only board games but also dice games, card games, tile-laying games... Old games such as Monopoly also exist in the database, although you will find almost all users prefer games with more advanced and comlex gameplay. Each game on BoardGameGeek has its own entry created and editted by the site's users that gives all kind of information about it including description, how to play (with images and videos), game rules, number of players, its official website, price and where to buy. The entry page also displays the game's rating, its rank among other games with the same type, in-depth reviews and users' discussions.

B. GeekLists

GeekLists provides users a way to create lists of games with images along with commentary and the opportunity for others to comment. The lists can also be used to seek games in the same category, discuss games of a particular type and a wide variety of other uses.

C. Forums

The forums is where BoardGameGeek users can go to explore and get involved with the community by participating in all sort of discussions about board game and non-board game related topic. There are even boards for game groups organized by regions. Users can subscribe to these boards to be notified whenever a new post is submitted. Each game also has its own mini-forum that can be accessed through the game's entry page.

D. Store and Marketplace

As the largest and most comprehensive website for the board gaming hobbyists, BoardGameGeek often receives various goodies which are originally offered as preorder bonuses, or conventions' merchandise from game publishers the site has relationships with. If you missed the chance to get them in the first place, there might be a chance you can find it in the BoardGameGeek Store, where those goods are requested from game publishers by the site to be made available to you. Some items are even exclusive to the Geek Store and can't be purchased anywhere else. The Store also sells various BoardGameGeek merchandise such as t-shirts and poker chips for the avid fans of the site.

BoardGameGeek itself is also a Marketplace, acting as a middle ground for users to buy, sell and trade their games. Please note that on the Marketplace, you are not dealing with BoardGameGeek, but with individual sellers (which are usually users).

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